Student Care

  • Teachers as mentors

    Our staff consists of highly qualified teachers with extra ordinarily developed academic, extra academic, social & moral attributes. Our teachers do keep a close vigil over students & whenever they detect any deviation away from normal parameters with regard to their behaviour, study pattern, attitude or aptitude, they strive to improve upon that through remedial suggestions & counselling and thus prove to be the real mentors and torch bearers for them.

    “The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves”

  • Career Counselling

    Our highly qualified teachers solve all the queries of our students related to their career. They acquaint our students with a wide range of possible career options in different streams of knowledge and encourage them to adopt a lucrative career in accordance with their aptitude & inclinations towards the relevant subjects.

  • Students Care Services

    From time to time we hold workshops for our students for solving a number of problems faced by them which crop up due to onset of adolescence.

    Some students are not able to face the pressure of studies, exams & consequently they develop some psychological or behavioural disorders. We hold workshops in which we try to provide counselling sessions to such students by professional, well qualified psychologists. Workshops are also organised with a view to impart guidance to our students on a wide range of aspects related specifically to students & studies like time management, handling negative peer pressure, controlling anger, restraining violent & abusive behaviour, depressive tendencies & mood swings.

    “Examinations are not statistics, these are people’s future.”