• Warmest greetings from Warren Academy, Jaipur

    One of the premier institutions in the Pink City of Rajasthan, Warren Academy promises learning par excellence but without the rigours of the curriculum.

    We believe that a school is the second most formative ground, after the home that moulds the citizens of tomorrow. And it is with this belief that we seek to nurture our children into balanced, well rounded adults who can manage both a successful career & the home front with poise & elan.

    We have strived hard to concert Warren Academy into a very haven where education does not impose any undue burden on students. They instead feel a spontaneous urge to come to the joyful serve ambience of their school again & again.

    With a 360 degree approach to learning and life, the education is thus geared to make them world citizens. Welcome to Warren Academy once again.

  • A Transformative Education

    • Fundamental change in the way students see themselves and the word in which they live
    • Structural shift in the basic premises of thought, feelings and actions of the Students
    • Task oriented problem solving and determination of cause and effect relationships
    • Critical, autonomous & responsible thinkers by communicating feeling, needs and desires to others
  • Activities that Inspire Creativity

    • Drama
    • Painting
    • Clay Modeling
    • Dance
  • Expanding Vision with Innovation

    • Self-directed, resilient and reflective learners with a natural curiosity to develop a lifelong love of learning

How are we different from others?

  • Common Practices

    • Being Right
    • Copying Down
    • Passive Listening
    • Accepting what you’re told
    • Working Alone
    • Sitting Still
    • Remembering Facts
    • Showing Deference
    • Following Instructions
    • Being Evaluated
  • Warren’s Approach

    • Being Adventurous
    • Creating Ideas
    • Discussing with Peers
    • Questioning Things
    • Working with Others
    • Being active
    • Imagining Possible Solutions
    • Showing Initiative
    • Taking Responsibility
    • Self-evaluating
  • Philosophy

    Our Philosophy


    Our Mission



    Our Tradition


  • Why Choose Us

    • 100%.
    • 200%.
    • 300%.
    • 400%.
    • 500%

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

John Dewey